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Therapeutic music is an ancient art. Greek and Roman spas incorporated  such music to use in soothing cadence with the healing power of touch. Reflections mirrors this ancient practice of creating calming atmospheres to  heighten one’s energetic or healing connection. Immerse yourself in the  delicate, floating rhythms of Reflections to support massage  therapy, subtle energy healing work or for creating an ideal meditative  space for inner reflection. 

inner active


 My art work explores personal psychic, past-life and sensational experiences where colors and shapes create opportunities to sense other entities and the infinite possibilities in the universe.  I am driven to employ a variety of techniques due to a relentless curiosity. I have spent my entire life among the muses with the mission of gathering knowledge and experience in an attempt to translate that art awareness into understanding and communicating my feelings and ideas about existence here on Earth. My  diverse range of styles and variety presents a seemingly unfocused artistic journey, yet it is a natural extension of the continuous exploration of contemporary artistic experiences.   



 The practice of creating art with various techniques and styles keeps an open door to many possibilities. There will be periods when several pieces share a specific aesthetic and others times where the uniqueness of the piece is just not repeated as a theme. Professional engagements in the advertising and marketing fields over decades also influence what I might consider in planning a creative action; whether a painting, musical composition, story content, etc.   As for the past ten years the art disciplines I employ are primarily oil and acrylic paintings on canvas. Going forward,  I seek to further perfect and refine both concept and technique to achieve a unified, cohesive and significant body of work.   

infinite wonder



forms and colors that act on their own 

The action of creating art opens a universe of possibilities


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